5 Signs That You Need To Re-Wire Your Kitchen

23 October 2014
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You probably use a lot of electricity in the kitchen, but you might not think much about your electrical wiring unless you have major problems. Unfortunately, many people don't notice electrical problems until they are too late, which can cause added damage to your electrical system. In fact, ignoring electrical problems--or not realizing that they exist, for that matter--can even result in an electrical fire in your home. To help prevent these issues, look for these five signs that you need to re-wire your kitchen. If you notice any of them, it's important to call an electrical contractor right away.

1. Your Microwave Flashes

Because of the amount of energy that they use, microwaves are often the first to be affected by kitchen wiring problems. If you notice that your microwave lights "flash" while the appliance is in use, or if your microwave makes a lot of strange noises, then there's a good chance that your kitchen needs to be re-wired.

2. You Have Electrical Outlets Near Your Sink

Electricity and water don't mix, but some older houses feature electrical outlets that are too close to the kitchen sink. If you have electrical outlets in this area, you should definitely consider hiring an electrical contractor to remove them and safely re-wire the area. Otherwise, your wires could get wet, which could cause serious issues.

3. Some of Your Electrical Outlets Don't Work

All of the outlets in your kitchen should work. In fact, non-working outlets are more than just an aggravation -- they could be dangerous. For example, certain outlets might not work because they could have gotten wet or because food or grease could have gotten lodged in them, which could obviously cause a safety issue.

4. Your Breaker Trips a Lot

If you have gotten used to having to trip the breaker every time that you want to use the microwave and can opener at the same time, you shouldn't continue ignoring the problem. If your kitchen's electrical system can't handle the use of a few modern, common appliances at once, then there is a good chance that there is a problem.

5. You Notice a Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell but know that it isn't the food that you're cooking, you shouldn't automatically blame it on the oven or stove burner. Instead take it seriously. It could be your electrical system, and it could be an indication that your home is at risk of a fire.

Staying safe in the kitchen refers to more than just using your knives safely; it also involves using electricity the right way. If you notice any of these five things, contact an electrical contractor, like Manchester Electric LLC, right away to help.