Three Tips To Help With Wiring Your Home For Modern Technology When Renovating

21 November 2016
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When it comes time to renovate your home, modern features like high speed Internet might be on your to-do-list. There are also solutions that can make your life easier with home automation. Modern technology can be a great improvement to add to your home, but the wiring of these features is often different. Here are some tips to help choose the right wiring solutions to add modern technology to your home renovation projects:

1. Wiring Your Home For Internet And Modern Networking Features

One of the features that you may want for your home is high speed Internet. This can also be accompanied by a home network that helps keep all the devices in your home connected. First, you will want your home wired with network cabling. You may also want to add features like USB charging ports where there are network outlets, which will require the addition of low-voltage wiring. To make adapting to new tech easier, consider installing conduits for these systems.  Having things like media services, a smart TV and video game consoles connected directly to network by wires will give your entertainment devices better performance.

2. Installing Low-voltage Wiring For Automation And Security Systems

You may want to have low-voltage features installed in your home. This is the DC wiring that can be used for things like solar panels, generators, alarms and home automation systems. Wiring your home with low-voltage wiring will make it easier to add these features to your home. You may also want to consider some DC appliances that can easily be operated by a generator, or solar or wind energy. You may also want to consider features like automatic switches that turn on generators or switch to batteries when the power from the electrical grid is off.

3. Adding Wiring For Sound And Video Throughout Your Home For Entertainment

Sound and video is another important feature that you will want to add to your home. If you are a music lover, you may want to have a speaker system installed throughout your home. This can also include modern control panels in some rooms, which can allow you to control not just audio and video throughout your home, but also allow you to control automation and mechanical systems like HVAC.

These are some tips to help with adding new technology to your home renovations. If you need help with installing the latest tech in your home, contact a professional electrical contractor, like one from Shocking Difference LLC, to get help with wiring.