Building A Backyard Kitchen? Have An Electrician To Help With The Process

22 November 2016
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Investing in improvements to your home or adding inside features are often highly valued because you can directly and consistently benefit from them. But adding a new outdoor feature is something that you may want to think about for a while to make sure it is an investment you will enjoy and use regularly. A backyard kitchen is a large project that requires you to pave the yard, build a kitchen, and add seating. While you can take on some of this process by yourself, you should not hesitate to hire an electrician because they will be able to help you with some of the most important parts of this addition.

Install a Fireplace, Fridge, and Cooktop

If you are opting for an electric fireplace in the backyard, you will benefit from an electrician's expertise. They can help you in the beginning with planning to make sure you build everything in an ideal area. Certain backyard spots may require you to spend a lot more money than others, so if you want to get the most for your money, you should do everything you can to minimize or eliminate unnecessary costs. Adding a fireplace, fridge, and cooktop all to the same general area is one way to save money.

Put in New Outdoor Outlets

With so much action going on in the backyard after the project is complete, you will want to have extra outlets. You may have enough power to add an outlet or two to a specific area in the backyard. With this kind of installation, you can expect to pay around $75 to $250 for each one that is added. If you want to have large and power-hungry appliances in the outdoor kitchen, then you need some 240 volt outlets.

Add More Power to Your Home

Depending on how much you want to do in the backyard, you may want to have an electrician add a new circuit breaker or two because this can help you distribute the power more evenly. You do not want to complete the project and end up having to juggle with which outlets to use due to overloading. It is better to play it safe because it will be far cheaper to do it in the beginning than to go back and add a breaker.

When you are ready to start working on an outdoor kitchen, you should start off by hiring an electrician like Palmer Electric Inc. who can help you from the very beginning until everything has been completed.