The Basement Of Your Home And Commercial Electrician For Better Wiring Designs

29 November 2016
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If you plan on finishing your basement, the mechanical systems may need to have specific features. You may be adding wiring to your basement, which can be different areas of your home. Rather than common wiring, you may want to have it done like commercial buildings, which can include features like sub-panels, conduits and higher gauge wiring. Here are some of the basement electrical features you will want in your home:

1. Keeping Basement Wiring Independent with A Sub-Panel

The basement in your home usually has separate circuits for the electrical system. To improve the basement wiring, consider having a separate sub-panel installed for your basement electrical system. This is a breaker box that is connected to the electrical system in your home, but dedicated to only the basement electrical system. This can help make basement wiring safer and maintenance in the basement easier. When there is a problem in the basement or repairs need to be done, all you will need to do is turn off the service to the sub-panel to do the work safely.

2. Protect Basement Wiring from Moisture with Conduits

One of the common problems in basements is moisture. Water and electricity do not mix. To protect your basement, install conduits for the wiring. This will protect them from any moisture, as well as make it easier to add wiring or do improvements to your basement. You can talk with an electrician about the different types of conduits available and what will be the best materials for your basement electrical system. Commercial systems also have sealed boxes for lighting and outlets, which you may want to talk with your electrician about.

3. Other Wiring to Consider for Basement Wiring Projects

Wiring in your basement will be needed for many different features. If you are planning on adding a theater area, you will need sound and audio wiring. In addition, you may want to add wiring for Internet and home network. The basement can even be a good place to locate a technology room for things like routers, services and other modern electronics equipment. Most electrical contractors will be able to help with running these wires to get your setup for these improvements.

These are some of the improvements that you may want to consider for the electrical systems in your home. If you need help with the electrical design of your basement remodeling project, contact an electrical contractor to help you with these improvements.