3 Ways Your Electrician Can Help You Safely Get Into The Holiday Spirit

30 November 2016
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Many people look forward to the magic and wonder the holidays hold. Hanging lights on the exterior of your home is a simple way to honor one of the most recognizable holiday traditions for modern families. Ensuring that you are able to safely create a holiday light display is essential when it comes to using lights to help you get into the holiday spirit.

Here are three ways that contacting your electrician for assistance prior to hanging festive lights could save you from disaster this holiday season.

1. An electrician can upgrade your outlets.

If you live in an older home, the outlets on the exterior of your home may not be designed for use during the winter months. An electrician will be able to upgrade these outlets to GFCI models.

A GFCI outlet has the ability to carefully monitor the flow of electricity. While electricity normally flows from hot to neutral, exposure to water could create disruptions in the electrical current supplying power to your holiday lights. An older outlet will continue to release electricity despite these disruptions, creating a fire hazard. A GFCI outlet will cut electrical access until the problem has been addressed.

Having your electrician upgrade all your exterior outlets to GFCI models will allow you to safely keep your holiday lights plugged in, regardless of the weather conditions.

2. An electrician can prevent circuit overloads.

Your home is equipped with several circuits that are designed to accommodate specific amounts of electricity. Overloading any one circuit could cause the circuit to malfunction, resulting in tripped breakers or fire hazards.

Your electrician has the ability to determine how much electricity your outdoor circuits can safely accommodate and then help you select holiday light strands that will not overload your circuit. Relying on your electrician to help you determine which light strands should be combined in which outlets can help you prevent pesky (and potentially dangerous) circuit overloads this holiday season.

3. An electrician can help you repair expensive light strands.

Investing in new lighting each year can be costly. If you would rather repair any holiday light strands with bulbs that are no longer working instead of purchasing new light strands, the help of a residential electrician can be beneficial.

Your electrician can determine whether the problem is a burned-out bulb or fuse, or whether your lighting strands need to be rewired in order to restore their functionality. Having an electrician repair your existing holiday light strands allows you to maintain consistency when it comes to your home's seasonal light display.

Depending on an electrician to help you with your holiday lighting can provide you with a safe way to use outdoor lighting to help you get into the holiday spirit. Contact a company like Action Electric for more information.