4 Signs You Need Your Generator Inspected By An Electrician

8 December 2016
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Owning a generator is an excellent way to make sure you have emergency backup electricity in case of a power outage, and you want to make sure this unit is in good working condition when you need it most. Here are 4 signs you need to have your generator inspected by an electrician.

Coolant issues

A generator that is overheating is one that will not operate properly, and it will make rapid loud noises as a result or even fail to turn on. Coolant issues usually become known by a leak outside the unit, which you will see by the stains that are present on the floor, a sticky substance on the outside of the machine, or active leaking when you go to turn it on. Have an electrician inspect your generator to see where the leak is coming from so you can make sure its fluids are in check.

Rough, uneven motor noise

A generator that is demanding too much wattage when in use is one that will sputter or make loud, uneven sounds as it is in operation. You will also notice lights and other sources it's putting in operation flickering and gaining then losing ample power. An electrician can locate the source of the uneven power surges in your unit and make alterations to cords and outlets to accommodate its size so you can operate your generator with ease.

Breaker tripping

If every time you go to use your generator. the breaker to your home or RV trips, then you have an electrical issue that needs to be addressed. The tripping is likely caused by other equipment already being in use (such as a washer, stove, dryer, or other large appliance) causing the main breaker to trip due to being surged. An electrician can make sure that all the components to your breaker are current and not melted or fried and will also check the voltage allowance on the outlets you are using for your generator to make sure there aren't any other issues that can be causing the breaker to not work as it should.

A generator comes in handy for many reasons around the home. If it fails to operate as it should, you should discontinue use of the machine immediately and keep it unplugged until you can have it looked at by a professional electrician. Doing so can help protect your home and the unit itself from further possible damage. Contact a company like Oak Electric to learn more.