Cutting Energy Costs With Affordable Solar Power For Homeowners

14 December 2016
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Solar energy is becoming more common on homes, but it can also be a very costly investment. Complete off-grid systems are something that the average homeowner cannot afford. There are other solutions that are more affordable and can give you the benefits for renewable energy. You may want to consider solar panels to power specific mechanical systems or solar water heaters for your thermal energy needs. Here are some of the options that you may want to consider for affordable solar energy to cut your energy costs:

1. Solar Energy as A Passive Heating Solution for Your Home

Passive heating is one of the most affordable ways to take advantage of solar energy. The concept is simple: direct sunlight helps heat your home. Good design helps to improve the heating of your home. Improvements like sunrooms, larger windows and skylights will provide your home with more passive heating. When considering these improvements, look for areas of your home that get more sun during the winter months and take advantage of this by adding windows and glass to help heat your home naturally.

2. Small PV Solar Arrays That Can Power Specific Electrical Systems in Your Home

PV solar panels produce electricity, and today, there are many affordable systems to have installed on your home. It may still be costly for a system to power your home entirely, but a system that is dedicated to things like lighting or a mechanical system will help reduce energy costs. Contact an electrical contractor and talk with them about areas that can benefit from a small solar array. They can help change your lighting to solar energy or use the panels to power components of an HVAC system or water heater.

3. Thermal Energy with A Solar Collector and Water Heater Solution for Your Home

Thermal energy can also be used to provide your home with energy in the form of solar collectors. These solar collectors are water heaters that have water or other liquids in them. The liquid is used to provide energy to mechanical systems. Solar water heaters can be used directly to heat water for a water heater, or they can be used by several mechanical systems, including your heating.

Solar energy does not have to be out of reach; one of these simple solutions will reduce your energy costs. Contact an electrician to get help with some of these systems to add renewable energy to your home without adding to your debt.