How Having A Fire Alarm Installed Can Save Your Business

20 December 2016
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Whether your company is large or small, and no matter what industry you work in, electricity is probably a crucial part of doing business in today's society. Your facility is wired for electricity, and no matter how old or new your electrical wiring is, there's always a lingering danger that something will go wrong. Even originally safe wiring can be damaged by pests, unintended exposure to weather, or other events, and nobody's out of danger when it comes to a fire. But if you don't want your business to be totally destroyed by a catastrophe of this nature, all you can do (other than ensuring that your wiring and electrical are as safe as possible, of course) is to make sure any fires that do start will have minimal chances to damage anything. Here are three ways that having a fire alarm system can help with this, making your business more likely to recover after a fire instead of going belly-up.

Faster response to fire

An electrical contractor can wire your alarm system so that it alerts emergency personnel directly rather than simply alerting you and waiting for you to contact the fire department. This allows you to bypass a step that may otherwise cost essential time in which the fire wreaks havoc on your facility before being brought under control.

Ensure insurance covers any damage

If you do ever have a fire on the premises, having it covered by insurance may be the best way to financially recover from the event. But depending on your insurance company, you may be required to have a good fire alarm system in order to be eligible for a policy that will cover fire damage. After all, the insurance company doesn't want to take unreasonable risks.

Protection from lawsuits

Of course, the safety of your employees and customers is your key concern, and a fire alarm system can help give everyone the warning they need to get safely away from the fire in time to avoid injury. This can also be a crucial saving grace for your business in the aftermath of a fire because customers (or maybe even employees, depending on your workers' compensation insurance) could sue you if they're injured by a fire on your premises. So then you'd not only have angry and/or injured customers, but also a lawsuit on your hands. A fire alarm, while it can't absolutely guarantee nobody will be hurt, can help prevent it by allowing people to get out of the building safely in the event of a fire.

These are just three ways in which a good fire alarm system can safeguard your business, whether large or small, from the ravages and aftermath of a fire. Talk to your commercial electrical contractor about how much an alarm system would cost you so you can weigh the obvious benefits against the financial investment. To learn more, contact an electrical contractor like Dunedin Electric Co., Inc.