3 Signs You Need To Shut Off Your Electric Main And Contact An Electrician

9 January 2017
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It is estimated that at least 51,000 fires every year are caused by electrical problems. As a homeowner, this is a scary fact to face and will definitely have you on edge if you suspect you are living in a home with electrical issues. Your primary line of defense against electrical fires is knowledge about how to spot a problem before a fire occurs. Take a look at these three indications that there is a hazardous electrical situation taking place in your home and you need an emergency electrician. 

1. You smell burning plastic radiating from power outlets or light switches. - The smell of burning plastic is a sure sign of melting wires somewhere inside the walls of your home and should never be ignored. If you catch a whiff of burning plastic at or near an outlet, shut off your main electrical breaker and get in touch with an electrician immediately. Wires that are melting can easily be a fire hazard because it means open wires could be connecting with each other to generate a charge of heat. The longer the issue goes unnoticed, the more wiring can be opened and vulnerable as the outer shell melts away. 

2. You feel inexplicable heat coming from the wall. - If there is a hot spot on your wall, it most likely means something behind the wall is heating it u, which is never a good sign. Make certain you don't have hot water lines or radiant heating lines running through that particular section of the wall. If you do not, there is a chance part of the electrical wiring or a wiring component is overheating, which can definitely be a fire hazard. Likewise, if you touch an electrical outlet or switch plate cover and it feels hot to the touch or the plastic is visible melting, shut off the breaker to that outlet and call a professional. 

3. You see sparks coming out of your breaker box. - In general terms, any time you see sparks flying from an electrical component in your home, it is a sign of an emergency situation. However, sometimes sparks from something like an appliance will merely be a sign of appliance issues and not electrical problems. But if you have sparks emitting from your breaker box, it is a definite electrical emergency. Shut off the main breaker if you can do so safely, but if not, do not approach the breaker panel and immediately contact en electrician for help. 

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