How Do You Know You're Facing An Electrical Emergency?

13 October 2017
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All throughout your home, wires carrying electrical current make modern life at home possible. The majority of the time, current flows and devices are powered without issues. However, there are some situations when things can go really wrong, leaving you in the dark or facing a questionable situation. While most homeowners are fully aware that a lot of electricians offer emergency electrical services, most have no idea what quantifies an actual electrical emergency. Take a look at some of the situations that can come about with your home's electrical components that should signal you to call a professional for immediate assistance. 

There are signs of smoke coming from outlets, fixtures, or other electrical components. 

Electricity that comes in contact with something it should not can get fire-causing hot really quickly. If you see smoke coming from one of the electrical components in your home, whether it is a light switch or the breaker box, you need to get in touch with an electrician right away. If you can do so safely, shut off the main breaker to the house immediately. If you cannot shut the breaker off, stand at a distance and watch whatever is smoking for signs of increasing. Don't hesitate to call the local emergency responders if the smoke doesn't subside right away. 

There is direct contact between a live electrical wire and water. 

Perhaps your home sustained some kind of damage and you notice a live wire submerged in a puddle on the floor. Maybe you were attempting some DIY work and dropped a live wire in the floor next to your leaking hot water heater. In any situation like this, you must contact an emergency electrician. Water conducts electricity, which means the water, even if it is a small stream or puddle, can be highly dangerous for you to be around. 

There are odd sounds coming from the electrical outlets in the walls. 

You plug in something and hear a loud pop, but it doesn't stop there. You continue to hear sizzling and sparks afterwards. This can be a sign that there is electricity discharging behind the outlet cover and these thrown sparks and arcs could easily start a fire. Pay close attention to any out-of-place sounds you hear from inside of your outlets or electrical control switches because an electrician should be brought in right away to see what is up that you can't see.